These Are Our All-Time Favorite, Best Selling Everyday Wine Glasses

Just as everyone has a favorite coffee mug, we have a favorite wine glass. Using a stemmed wine glass as opposed to a juice glass or cup has its benefits, like ensuring your hands don’t warm up the wine and allowing it to open up over time. And while we love our extremely delicate, sommelier-approved glasses, those aren’t what we reach for when we’re unwinding after work with a casual bottle of wine. When we’re hanging out, watching some Netflix and ordering a pizza, there’s one piece of stemware we always reach for, whether we’re popping a bottle of red, white, rosé, or even bubbly.

Our tried and true Spiegelau Universal Crystal Wine Glasses are the stems we reach for every night of the week. After testing a fleet of wine glasses, we’ve found these to be the best all-purpose wine glasses for every night of the week. No matter what wine you’re opening, these are workhorses that make your vino even better.

Best Universal Wine Glasses

The design of the lead-free crystal construction is the goldilocks of stemware, with an angular bowl that is perfect for swirling Chardonnay, and delicate opening for ready for the most elegant of Pinot Noir. They are light and thin enough for a taste of luxury on a casual Wednesday, but not so fragile that one wrong move and you’ve got shards of glass all over your coffee table. And most importantly, each set is certified dishwasher safe, so once you’ve polished off the bottle of Prosecco or Nebbiolo, all you have to do is put them in with the rest of your dishes from that evening and forget it.

Don’t just take our word for it. These glasses are a long-standing store favorite, with one reviewer sharing, “These glasses are the perfect universal wine glass. They are so stylish and reasonably durable. These feel like expensive glasses but you get them for such a great price! I loved my first set so much after a couple of weeks I had to buy a second.”

With everyone being home more than ever, there’s no better time to freshen up your stemware. And these glasses are impossible to keep in stock, so we’re going to go ahead and order another set for ourselves while we can.

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