This Is The Best Easy Drinking Game You’ll Ever Play

We all love a good drinking game, right? Well, kind of. They can be a great way to loosen up and be silly with friends, especially when you play them over FaceTime or Zoom while a pandemic rages on outside.

But, especially when you’re not playing them in person, drinking games can quickly become convoluted.

“Max has to take a drink while spinning! Oh, sorry Max, I mean the person to Max’s left. No, Max’s other left. Look at the grid, guys! Okay, so Jessa has to take a drink while Max spins. No, wait, sorry, that’s wrong too. Let me Google the rules again, hold on.”

Best Easy Drinking Game Drinking Dice

When you’re spending all the time that you should be playing figuring out how to play, it’s not fun anymore. Which is why we love this Drinking Dice Game, otherwise known as the easiest drinking game you’ll ever play. One dice decides who will be drinking, whether it’s you, everyone, the player to your right, and so on and the other decides how much you’ll drink. Maybe it’s bottoms up, maybe you don’t drink. Or maybe you make a rule!

Maybe everyone in the group gets their own set of dice, maybe you roll on behalf of the group. Maybe you and your partner play, maybe it’s you and your roommates or you and your six closest friends from the office on Zoom. The Drinking Dice game is easy, fun, and a perfect way to spice up your forty-seventh consecutive evening at home.

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