6 Posters Every Drinks Lover Should Have

Drinks are liquid art. But when you’re looking for some real art, it doesn’t mean you have to stray away from your passions of great wine, beer, and cocktails. These posters are more than just a pretty face.

These infographics are deep dives into the worlds of drinks, making them conversation pieces in your home bar. They look great in the gallery wall of your vintage Campari advertisements, and even more importantly, pair fantastically with a great drink.

The Houses of Bourbon Poster

Best Bourbon Poster
While everyone loves to drink it, the world of bourbon can get pretty confusing to comprehend. Sure, a bulk of the production comes from Kentucky, but the family tree of which companies own which brands are very complex. This Houses of Bourbon poster breaks down the relationships between the big bourbon brands simply and elegantly.

Promising review:
“Got this for my husband who loves bourbon and he is OBSESSED. Immediately hung it above his bourbon collection. Kind of upset that I have to top it for Christmas!!!” – Patsy F.

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The Periodic Table of Cocktails

Best Periodic Table of Cocktails Poster
The fantastic thing about cocktails is that the possibilities are truly endless when riffing the classics. But it’s important to understand the classics first before you start turning your kitchen into a simple syrup factory. This Periodic Table of Cocktails poster highlights the need-to-know details, such as base spirit, serve, and glassware of the world’s most popular cocktails. You’ll be an expert in no-time.

Promising Review:
“Got the poster because, well, it’s super cool. But now my girlfriend and I started using it as a ‘cocktail roulette.’ Whenever we don’t know what to drink, we close our eyes and point at one of the squares in the box. Really fun and have tried a lot of new things because of it!” – Hayden M.

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The Beer Types of the World Poster

Best Beer Types of The World Poster
The beauty of beer is how truly diverse it is across the world. This Beer Types of the World poster starts you in the main, beer-producing countries and then stems off on the styles they are known for. This poster is a fantastic gift and is a conversation piece for anyone curious about beer.

Promising Review:
“Perfect print to grace the wall of my talented brother’s brew space. Beautifully designed offering a wealth of brilliant, fun, beer knowledge. Poster is printed on high quality paper and arrived quickly in sturdy packaging. Thank You!” – Anonymous reviewer

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Cocktail Codex Poster

Best Cocktail Codex Poster
To be an expert bartender, you only need to know six classic cocktails. That’s the premise of “Cocktail Codex,” the James Beard Award-winning book by Death & Co.’s Alex Day, Nick Fauchald, David Kaplan, and Devon Tarby. This Cocktail Codex poster brings this theory to life, showcasing the six core cocktails and the many riffs that stem from them.

Promising Review:
“Awesome print. Had it framed for our home bar and it’s super slick.” – Ebony L.

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The World’s Most Popular Grapes Poster

Best World's Most Popular Grapes Poster
One of the great things about wine is how this terroir concept and how a single grape varietal can express itself differently depending on where it’s grown. This World’s Most Popular Grapes poster shows the world’s most popular grape varieties and highlights the diverse range of regions in which they are most notably grown. While it definitely features some household names, such as New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc or German Riesling, it also highlights other regions where these grapes flourish, such as Chilean Sauvignon Blanc from the Casablanca Valley or Riesling from New York’s Finger Lakes.

Promising Review:
“Bought this poster and framed it for my basement cellar/bar combo, and it’s a total knockout. The map is sleek and modern, and reminds me of tasting rooms where they point where the vineyards the wine came from are.” – Aiden B.

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The Flavor & Aromas Profiles of Popular Hops Poster (Expanded Edition)

Best Hop Aroma Poster
Want to learn how to recognize Chinook versus Cascade or taste the difference between Centennial and Citra? This hops poster visualizes the aromas and flavors of the world’s most popular hops from around the globe. If you’re a homebrewer or just really like a cold beer, this poster is a must for your home.

Promising Review:
“A must for all hopheads out there.” – Steven P.

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