The Best Wine Glasses for Dinner Parties

Unless you’re Ina Garten, planning a dinner party menu is tough. Setting the table with the right glasses, however, shouldn’t be. The key is finding that one glass you can count on, just like your go-to recipe for bacon-roasted Brussels sprouts.

Spanish styled tapas glasses for wine, beer, and cocktails

That’s why we suggest picking up a set (or two) of four Spanish tapas glasses. Whether or not you’ve traipsed your way through Barcelona before, anyone can appreciate the iconic Spanish design. Delicate and thin but low to the table and sturdy, these glasses are perfect for any dinner party event, from Monday night casual to New Year’s Eve formal. They not only make great wine glasses, but also work for beer, liquor and even water. And if you’re running short on bowls come the end of the night, no one will judge if you decide to dole out scoops of mint chocolate chip in these dishwasher safe vessels either.

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