Why You Can’t Go Another Day Without These Decanter Cleaning Beads

We’ve said it before, and we’ve said it again—a good decanter is an essential tool for wine lovers. With older wines, they help coax out the tertiary flavors and aromas that have been building for years (and maybe decades) in the cellar. With young wines, they balance acidity and tannin, making your wine fresher and more drinkable.

But, that’s all well and good until you try to start cleaning your decanter. Do you go at it with a long-stemmed scrubby brush? Your arm + a sponge? Do you just try to swirl it with soap and water and hope for the best?

These decanter beads are the easiest way to remove sediment from your decanter.

None of the above. Meet the stainless steel Decanter Cleaning Beads, which may just change your life. Just pour them into your decanter (or carafe or Chemex or vase) along with some water and swirl. Stains, smudges, and sediment will disappear before your eyes, leaving your decanter spotless. Pour the beads out, rinse them, and they’re ready to go again.

They could not be easier to use, and have saved us from hours of angst and misdirected cleaning efforts. Trust us, wine lovers, you need these stat.