Every Mezcal Lover Needs These Mezcal Glasses

Mezcal has quickly become a popular spirit amongst spirits enthusiasts alike. What was once a bartender’s handshake and a hidden gem to those native to Mexico, it’s now a star amongst bar carts and cocktail menus across the county. This smoky gem is expressive, terroir-driven, and fantastic in cocktails or while for contemplative sipping.

Traditionally, mezcal is served from a vessel called a copita, which is a tiny cup, to put it simply. Copitas are commonly crafted with clay and can be as embellished or simple as you prefer.

While we love the classic clay iterations, we break out these Crystal Mezcal Tasting Glasses when we’re cracking open our really special bottles.

Best Crystal Mezcal Tasting Glasses

Styled after the classic copita, but fashioned from lead-free crystal, they have an unforgettable silhouette. They’ll fit in easily alongside the rest of your crystal wine and bourbon glasses and will help bring a modern touch to your authentic, at-home mezcal tasting experience. As a fun bonus, they’re dishwasher safe, so you can run them through with the rest of your dishes from the night.

Trust us — your hard-to-find Tepeztate mezcal will be even more delightful when enjoyed from these crystal vessels.