This Glass Is The Best Way To Drink IPAs

When we build our own 6-packs at our local beer shops, we always include a few IPAs. With so many breweries getting creative with experimental hops, adjuncts, and wild can art, each one is a new adventure.

While we love a great novelty pint glass, they aren’t the best way to taste your beer. To fully experience the nuances of your favorite IPAs, you need proper glassware.

These Crystal IPA Glasses are just what the doctor ordered. Crafted by the glassware experts at Spiegelau, these vessels were designed with brewers in mind. In fact, the Spiegelau team partnered up with master brewers Sam Calagione of Dogfish Head and Ken Grossman of Sierra Nevada to create the perfect IPA glass.

Best IPA Beer Glass

After trying countless design concepts and participating in a secret vote, they agreed that this IPA glass brought out the best in their favorite beers.

What makes this glass so special? The rippled base and round bowl of this IPA beer glass help preserve the frothy head and complex flavor profile of those hop-forward IPAs. The specially-designed opening intensifies the aromatic experience of your favorite juicy NEIPAs, amplifying those citrus notes to the next level.

These glasses are more than just a technical marvel. Each crystal IPA glass is certified dishwasher safe, meaning after your next tasting, you can run them through with the rest of your dishes for easy cleanup.

They’re a foolproof gift for anyone who loves beer and is a great way to help a beer novice learn more about the iconic style. Trust us, with a set of these IPA glasses in your house, you’ll never use a pint again.