Get 25% off These Coupe Glasses Today Only

Before the Champagne flute, there was the coupe. If you’re a fan of old cinema, you’ve probably seen a silver screen icon or two sip bubbly from a coupe glass. These days, it’s a fixture in craft cocktail bars for drinks that have been shaken or stirred with ice, then strained. The stem keeps your hands from warming up the drink, plus you feel like you’re in “The Great Gatsby.” Wins on all fronts, really.

Today, you can help materialize your Roaring Twenties fantasies and get these coupe glasses for 25% off with the code XTRACHERRY. There are a few to choose from in the collection (they’re going quick!) but here are some of our favorites.

Faceted Crystal Coupe Glasses

Best Faceted Coupe Glasses
Just because your glassware is classic doesn’t mean it needs to be stuffy. The Faceted Crystal Coupe Glasses, which come in a set of 2, come in an eye-catching geometric design. The beautiful angles of the glass catch the light like no other, reminding everyone near you that you’re not only a trend-setter but also a star. VinePair Staff Writer, Tim McKirdy, calls them “super slick,” and we agree. Bonus: they’re a little larger than your average coupe, making them perfect for a larger glug of Champagne or an extra-large Manhattan.

Spiegelau Champagne/Cocktail Coupe

We love Spiegelau glassware, which is as sturdy as it is beautiful. The coupe in particular is dishwasher-safe and cuts a stunning, classic profile. This set of Crystal Coupe Glasses is the perfect bar-stocking coupe purchase, and, at an 8oz capacity, this is our largest coupe of the bunch. If you tend to be the first one to down your drink, this one’s for you!

Crystal Nick & Nora Glasses

Nick and Nora Glasses (Set of 2)
Surprise! We do have one set of non-coupe glasses. Honestly, we couldn’t help it—these glasses are chic, classic, and supremely elegant. While extremely similar to the coupe, Nick & Nora glasses were named after a 1930s film series featuring husband-and-wife acting duo Nick and Nora Charles. They are a staple in craft cocktail bars around the world, plus, with their stunning, delicate construction, they’re guaranteed to make you feel like a movie star in your own right. On top of all that, they’re dishwasher safe on the top rack! We love them for a Gibson or a good ol’ Martini.

Leopold Gold-Rimmed Coupe Glass

This gorgeous set of six gold-rimmed glasses is certain to bring a touch of sophistication to any drink you pour inside. Our friends at Cocktail Kingdom designed these for top bars and bartenders, meaning they’re also super durable. Just make sure to hand wash them to maintain that lovely gold trim.

The coupe glass is the fastest way to take your home bar to the next level. Whether you’re pouring a Cosmopolitan, Cava, or even a hard seltzer with a twist of lemon, there’s a coupe glass for you! Whichever you choose, you’ll never use a normal juice glass for cocktails or wine again.