These Cork Holders Are The Best Way To Show Off Your Corks

Bottles of wine bring beautiful memories, all too easily forgotten as we move onto the next day and the next bottle. Saving corks is a lovely way to hold on to those experiences, and, conveniently, a way to show off your excellent taste in wine. Here is the best gear for showing off your corks

Chalkboard Barrel Wine Cork Holder

Best Chalk Barrel Cork Holder
This handmade metal cork holder, featuring pops of color from the glass accents, makes cork collecting easy. The hinged, latched door allows for easy reloading and the chalkboard message area is a helpful way to share reminders like “you’re beautiful” or “we need more wine.” It holds a standard-sized wine bottle—the perfect amount, we think.
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Champagne Bottle Wine Cork Holder

Best Champagne Cork Holder
Maybe your tastes lean more towards Champagne. There’s a cork collector for you too! Broadcast your luxe tastes and collect your corks in one fell swoop with this whimsical cork collector specifically for Champagne.
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Chalkboard Wine Bottle Wine Cork Holder

Best Chalkboard Wine Bottle Cork Holder
It’s a cork collector in the shape of a wine bottle, with clear glass accents and a grape leaf design accent growing around it. The perfect vessel to store your special occasion corks and to remind yourself, via the chalkboard message area, that it’s always wine time!
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Eiffel Tower Wine Cork Holder

Best Eiffel Tower Cork Cage
The Eiffel Tower cork holder serves the purpose of being a fun conversation piece (prepare to be asked if you’ve been to Paris/can speak French) but also offers a three-tiered design, each tier with a separate cage for storing your special occasion corks. Now, when you finally crack that bottle of Champagne that you brought back from Paris, you’ll have somewhere appropriate to store it the cork!
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Grapevine Wine Bottle Wine Cork Holder

Best Grapevine Wine Bottle Cork Cage
Remind yourself of your plans to own a vineyard one day (or at least drink outside more often) with this fun, fanciful cork holder adorned with grape leaves. It also has a hinged, latched door for more easily adding corks and holds a standard-sized wine bottle for display.
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Wine Barrel Wine Cork Holder

Best Wine Barrel Vine Cork Holder
And, the same aesthetic in a barrel format, with the same easy door access for more corks.
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“Wine Corks” Wine Bottle Cork Holder

Best Modern Wine Cork Holder
For a whimsical, modern look, this cork holder says what it is—“Wine Corks” in a design going around the holder. And, like many of the others, it features a door for easy cork access and holds a standard-size wine bottle.
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Dog Shaped Wine Cork Holder

Best Dog Cork Cage
Are you a dog lover who also loves wine? This is the cork holder for you. It’s sturdy, features a bronze finish, and holds up to 50 corks.
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