The Best Glasses for Cold Wine (And They’re On Sale Now)

There is something special about popping open a bottle of perfectly chilled white wine during a cozy evening at home. Whether you’re in the kitchen trying a new recipe or lounging out by the fire pit with friends, a cold glass of Pinot Grigio or Chardonnay can really make the moment special. One way for that moment to turn sour, though, is when you take a sip of your wine, and it’s uncomfortably warm. While we’re all for experiencing wines as they come to room temperature, there are moments when we just want a glass of something refreshing and not have to contemplate the tertiary notes of our $10 Sauvignon Blanc. Thankfully, there’s an easy way to make sure your wine never gets close to that point of overheating.

These Cooler Than Cool Wine Glasses are the simplest way to keep your favorite wine extra chilly, even on a sweltering summer afternoon. The double-wall tumbler contains a proprietary gel that freezes extra cold and stays extra cold while drinking your white or rosé wine. And since the cups are stemless, they use a silicone band for extra insulation to keep your hands from warming up your wine while also making the glass comfortable to hold.

Best Chilled Wine Glasses

Just a couple of hours in the freezer and the tumblers are ready to go. You can store one or two in the freezer over an extended period of time, so whenever the moment strikes, you have your gateway to the perfect sip of wine always on deck. Plus, these glasses are made of BPA-free plastic, meaning they are perfect for spending time by the pool, enjoying a cheeseboard in the park, or wherever else a fragile wine glass could be problematic. If you prefer things extra classy, you can also get a set with a double-walled glass construction, and they use the same gel to ensure a cold glass of vino every time.

Still on the fence? Not only are they 30% off right now, but wine lovers across the country are also obsessed. According to one reviewer, “I love the feel and look of these wine coolers. I’m keeping these glasses on hand to give as a hostess gift.” Believe us, your wine will thank you.