If You Love Ice-Cold Martinis You Need This Glass

Nothing makes us feel more like a million bucks than a perfect martini. Whether you prefer yours with gin or vodka, twist, or olive, the martini is a classic cocktail that is endlessly customizable and forever delicious. Delicious that is, until it gets warm in your glass and you’ve found yourself choking it down.

If you find your martinis are a little less frigid than you desire, we can’t recommend these Cooler Than Cool Glacier Martini Glasses enough. Place them in the freezer on Mondays (to remind yourself that another weekend will eventually arrive) or at least two hours before the drinking begins. Once frozen, the proprietary gel inside the double-walled glass construction keeps your Martini perfectly frosty without having to shake it up with more ice, or shoot it down before it only gets warmer.

Best Glass For Ice Cold Martinis
These glasses will help keep your martinis colder than ever.

Each glass comes with an insulated silicone band for comfortable handling and to keep your drink between 43 and 53 degrees Fahrenheit, despite being clutched in your 98-degree hands. We are obsessed with them for martinis, but they also make a great vessel for outdoor Margarita or Daiquiri drinking. Just pour 9 oz of your favorite chilly cocktail in and let these glasses work their magic.

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