This Glass Will Keep Your Cocktails Cold Outside All Summer Long

With to-go cocktails becoming legal in many states, and outdoor imbibing at an all-time peak, it’s time to take our cocktail consumption game up a notch. Enter the Cooler than Cool Chilled Tumbler set, the best cold cocktail vessel you could ask for.

You probably already know that dilution is an essential part of any cocktail—it keeps things fresh and balanced. But, you probably have also had the experience of sipping on a cocktail throughout an evening in the park that goes from fresh and balanced to watered down and depressing. Why would you let your favorite cocktail be treated like that?

Best Glass For Cold Cocktails
These Cooler Than Cool tumblers are an easy way to keep your favorite drinks cold for hours.

Here’s the solution: pop these tumblers into your freezer in advance, so they’re ready whenever you are. The proprietary gel inside the BPA free plastic tumblers keeps whatever’s inside at the ideal frosty temperature. Your highball, Margarita, Negroni, or even Piña Colada will stay chilly and at the perfect level of dilution for as long as you’re enjoying it. The silicone band around it works as insulation, but also as a comfortable spot to hold.

Each of these glasses holds 16 ounces, so you can fit in as much of your cocktail (or beer or wine or cider, for that matter) as you’re planning on drinking. Whether you’re mixing your own or grabbing your favorite to-go, your cocktail will be tasty and cool all day or all night.

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