You Haven’t Had Cognac Until You’ve Sipped It From These Glasses

Cognac is a unique, complex, and downright delicious spirit. It is highly regulated and to create it is truly an art form. Those who sip this storied spirit understand that it requires a vessel that matches its elegance and can transform even the most ordinary night into a special occasion. That’s why we fell in love with this set of Riedel Vinum Cognac Glasses.

Riedel worked with experts to craft a design that strays from the traditional balloon-shaped Cognac glass. This upgrade shapes the crystal to capture, condense, and release the unique undertones of Cognac. The elongated bowl leaves less surface area for evaporation, releasing the delicate aromas from within this strong, distilled spirit.

This set is crafted with 24 percent lead crystal, fire-polished for the ultimate gleam. The beautiful fluted stem stands 7-1/4 inches tall and holds 7 oz. It’s a sophisticated silhouette, artfully crafted to bring out the best in your Cognac to bring forth every nuance of this refined spirit.

Cognac lovers will never want to sip from another glass.