These Are The Best Cognac Glasses

Cognac is a refined spirit, unlike any other. The artistry, dedication, and terroir of this spirit bring any casual evening at home to the next level. When you bring out the Cognac, you and your guests know you’re in for an extraordinary occasion. It’s for this reason that these special occasions deserve a special glass.

If you drink Cognac, aged rum, or any other complex spirit, you’ll instantly fall in love with this set of two Riedel Cognac glasses. In working with wine experts, Riedel stepped away from the traditional balloon-shaped Cognac glass to develop this set, with crystal uniquely formed to capture and release the spirit’s delicate aromas without evaporation.

Each glass is crafted with 24 percent lead crystal, fire-polished for the ultimate gleam. The beautiful fluted stem stands 7-1/4 inches tall and holds 7 oz. This stem is crucial, as it keeps your hands from warming up your favorite spirit. It’s a classic, timeless profile that also happens to bring the best from your Cognac to the forefront. Cognac drinkers, these are the glasses for you.

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