Get 20% Off Our Favorite Coffee and Tea Gear Today Only

We love wine, beer, spirits, and cocktails, of course, but coffee and tea are the real MVPs of our lives. It’s there for early mornings, late nights, long days at the office, and socially distanced brunches with friends.

Today is all about celebrating our favorite caffeine delivery systems, whether it’s cold brew, lattes, drip coffee, shots of espresso, iced teas, and beyond. This is why today only, you can get 20% off all our favorite coffee and tea gear with the code JITTERY20.

The entire collection is great, but here’s a taste of the jittery gear that we keep coming back to.

Traditional Ceramic Coffee Grinder

Best Traditional Coffee Grinder
Ask anyone on the VinePair team how they buy their coffee, and all will say whole bean is the way to go. To maximize your brew though, every coffee lover needs a solid burr grinder. Many grinders use a chopping mechanism, which acts like a weed-whacker chopping up your beans for an uneven grind. This traditional burr grinder ensures even particles and is fully adjustable, so whether you’re grinding for a traditional drip pot, a French press, or even a pull of espresso, it will deliver the perfect grind.

The Most Popular Espresso Drinks Poster

Best Coffee Infographic Poster
Most of us probably understand that flat whites, cappuccinos, lungos, and breve are all distinctive drinks. If you stumble a bit when trying to explain those differences, though, we don’t blame you.

That’s why we made this poster, which visually illustrates the 22 most popular espresso drinks. Printed on matte, museum-quality poster paper, this will brighten up the room of any coffee lover and maybe even give you a few drinks to try! There’s a wide world of drinks out there, and this poster will quickly make you on expert on some of the best.

Cat Mug

Best Cat Mugs
If you’re a cat lover, or even just shopping for a cat lover, look no further. This minimalist ceramic mug with metallic accents is a delightful reminder of the cats (or cat lovers) that we love, but low-key enough to serve as a daily vessel. Available in white, black, and leopard colorways, make sure to hand wash to preserve the gold finish!

Rose Gold French Press

Best Rose Gold French Press
Once you use a French press to make your morning brew, you won’t be the same. It’s one of the simplest ways to brew a pot of coffee and doesn’t take up a lot of space on your countertop. It also is a great way to brew a larger batch of loose leaf tea. We love this one for its rose gold finish.

Ceramic Infusing Tea Mug

Best Ceramic Infusing Mug
We like mugs. A lot. We have way too many mugs. While we may tell everyone that each one is special, this Ceramic Infusing Mug actually has more functionality than the gift shop ones we’ve gathered over the years. It includes a stainless steel infuser basket and a lid, making it perfect for brewing a quick cup of loose leaf tea on the go. When it’s time to enjoy, simply use the lid as a coaster for the basket. We’ve also found it to be fantastic for hot toddies and mulled wine.