Every Home Bartender Needs A Good Ice Cube Tray

If there’s one mistake almost every new home bartender makes, it’s overlooking the importance of ice in cocktails. It balances and refreshes the booze (we call that proper dilution), as well as the more obvious function of keeping the drink at the proper temperature. It pushes a cocktail from pretty good to masterful with one flick of the ice cube tray.

Best Ice Cube Tray
This ice cube tray is a must for every home bartender.

As with any finely-tuned recipe, from croissants to cocktails, ratios matter. A larger ice cube melts more slowly, chilling your cocktail without making it watery. This food-safe silicone ice tray makes six 2-inch cubes to elevate the house cocktail you’ve been perfecting. It’s easy to get the cubes out and the lid helps keep rogue aromas and flavors from your freezer infusing to your ice over time. It also means you can stack multiple trays so you always have enough ice at the ready. When it’s time to clean, it couldn’t be easier—just throw it in the dishwasher.

And if you prefer a pour of Scotch, bourbon, or even tequila as a nightcap, the larger size of these cubes won’t melt as quickly as your standard fridge cubes, making them great for casually sipping and contemplating over your favorite dram.

Whether you’ve been home bartending for years or just got into the mixology game for those happy hour Zoom calls, your cocktail craftsmanship will be that much better when you start using the right ice. Your at-home cocktail game has never been tastier.

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