Every Home Bartender Needs These Cocktail Pins

Sometimes the best gifts come in the smallest packages. These little tokens are ways to remind the people you love that you’re thinking of them.

One of our favorite gifts to give (and, let’s be honest, receive) is the classic enamel pin. They’re fun, festive, and they add a little bit of flair to your look. Some might describe it as the brandied cherry on top of your Manhattan.

Because we love drinks, you’ll find our denim jackets and tote bags emblazoned with cocktail pins. After all, drinking is culture, and we want everyone to know when it’s time for Happy Hour (even if that happy hour is in sweatpants on the couch).

Whether you’re on the hunt for a perfect stocking-stuffer or just looking for a fun little accessory, these are some of our favorite, drink-inspired enamel pins.

Martini Enamel Pin

Best Martini Enamel Pin
Few cocktails are as iconic as the Martini, so it’s only natural we make sure everything we own has this pin adorned with it. Sip the life of luxury all of the time, even when your Martini is just some gin in a solo cup.

Negroni Enamel Pin

Best Negroni Enamel Pin
You either love or hate the Negroni. There is no in-between. Make it easier than ever to filter the people who can’t handle the dance of sweet vermouth and bitter Campari with this Negroni cocktail pin. Trust us — you don’t want to associate with people like that anyway.

Margarita Enamel Pin

Best Margarita Enamel Pin
Show your love for America’s favorite cocktail with this Margarita enamel pin. While it might be more common to have a Margarita served in a rocks glass, the oh-so-fancy Margarita glass is the way to go (and if you ask us, it makes the drink ten times more delicious). With this pin, it’s always Margarita o’Clock.

Aperol Spritz Enamel Pin

Aperol Spritz Enamel Pin
While the Aperol Spritz may have only recently taken over our Instagram feeds, we can’t imagine a perfect summer afternoon without one. Let the people know that you’re in a La Dolce Vita state of mind with this classic Aperol Spritz enamel pin and prepare to radiant the energy of one thousand Italian summer suns.

Bonus: The Happy Hour Pin Pack

Best Cocktail Enamel Pin
It’s hard to pick just one pin, which is why we are huge fans of bundles packs of all shapes and sizes. This Happy Hour Pin Pack includes all of the pins mentioned above, plus you get an exclusive Tiki Cocktail enamel pin, which shows everyone you’re ready for a good time all of the time. Twist our arm.