Every Home Bartender Should Have A Good Citrus Juicer

When you start making cocktails at home, like so many of us have been for the past few months, you begin to realize that having the proper tools to make your favorite drinks at home can take things to the next level. Whether it’s a Margarita, a limey gin and tonic, or a French 75, citrus is a vital ingredient in classic cocktails. And if you aren’t using fresh citrus, you’re holding yourself back.

Ask any VinePair staffer, and they’ll tell you that fresh citrus is an irreplaceable ingredient in making bar-quality cocktails at home. It can get frustrating though when you’re trying to make a batch of Daiquiris, and you have to squeeze all of those limes by hand.

It’s time to upgrade your citrus juice game. By stocking your bar with a solid and simple citrus juicer, you can finally stop your hand from cramping every time you need two ounces of fresh juice and completely skip out on picking the seeds and pulp to fall out of your cocktail shaker.

Best Citrus Press Juicer For Home Bartenders

While we love gadgets with bells and whistles, this Lemon Lime Citrus Press Juicer has quickly become one of our most-used bartending tools. It makes juicing a breeze, making it doable to craft your Margaritas from freshly-squeezed lime juice. It’s easy to clean, easy to use, and makes your cocktails fresh and delicious, just like the drinks the pros make. If you love a good citrusy cocktail, you will love this juicer.