This Flask Also Holds Your Favorite Cigar

From Winston Churchill to Al Pacino to Madonna, cigars are well-loved by those who know that the best life is the one well-savored. And, is there any more baller way to end a meal than a cigar paired with Scotch, Cognac, or aged rum? Of course there isn’t.

For those who prefer that their finer things be portable, there’s this refined stainless steel combination cigar holder and flask in a sleek polished finish. The flask comfortably holds 2 oz of liquid and up to 54-gauge cigars. It’s practical and functional, yes, but also a statement piece.

Best Cigar Spirits Flask
This flask is a sleek way to pair your favorite spirit and cigar.

Whether you’re enjoying a Churchill with peaty scotch or a Cuban with Caribbean rum or a Toscano with amaro, this flask ensures that your cigar and spirit will be ready to casually pull out whenever the mood strikes. You have great taste, and the world will know.

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