The Best Christmas Stocking Stuffer For Wine Lovers

The holidays are an excellent opportunity to get a fun, creative gift for the wine enthusiast in your life. If there’s someone in particular who does a lot for you throughout the year, it’s thoughtful to try and give something back during the holidays. These wine socks are the perfect gift and they say everything that hard-working person in your life has on their mind. And when they lie back on the couch and put their feet up, the socks do all the talking.

Bring Me Wine Socks
These “Bring Me Wine” socks make the perfect stocking stuffer for wine lovers.

That’s because the bottom of the socks contain a concise, straightforward request. The right sock says, “If you can read this” and the left sock reads, “Bring me a glass of wine.” So if it weren’t already implied that you should bring that special someone a glass of wine, it’s explicitly stated on the bottom of their feet. These socks are one size fits all and come in a red and gray color scheme. So when they wear the socks, sit down, and put their feet up on the coffee table, get your corkscrew ready.

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