This Carafe Decants and Keeps Your Wine Cool

Are you a fan of whites, rosés, and chilled reds? Or even a batched cocktail situation? If so, this little gadget is going to blow your mind.

The Active Wine Cooler Carafe will chill your wine or cocktails in minutes without having to break out any messy ice. The secret weapon here is the removable, reusable cooling element. Inside is a proprietary gel blend that maintains its cool like none other. Simply throw it in the freezer for a few hours when you think of it, and then you’ll have it ready for the next time a cool glass of wine or batched Negroni is in order.

Best Active Wine Cooler Carafe

Then, when you’re in the mood for a nice properly-aerated glass of wine or some batched cocktails that need a bit of a chill, pour whatever you’re enjoying into the glass carafe, and put the pouring element back into the cooler. Your beverage will be properly chilled in no time, and if your wine was a little tight before, it will have had some oxygen exposure, making it ready to drink and enjoy. Leave it in the carafe with the cooling element for as long as you’re enjoying it and it will stay cool.

Once you’re done, do a quick hand wash, put the cooling element back into the freezer, and you’ll be ready for next time! It could not be easier. Cold, perfectly tuned-in wine is always in reach when you’ve got the Active Wine Cooler Carafe around.