This Glass Is The Best Way To Keep Your Bourbon Cool

Some of us really truly like our bourbon neat and at room temperature, no matter the season. Others of us have choked down warm whiskey with a smile stuck on our faces to try to impress a date or a friend, meanwhile wishing for an ice cube or a splash of cool water in there.

For most of us, a cool glass of the good stuff is where it’s at.

That said, no one likes picking up their glass of bourbon and realizing that it’s mostly melted ice. That’s where this set of Cooler than Cool Chilled Whiskey Glass comes in.

Best Chilled Whiskey Glass

Pop the glasses in your freezer and take them out when you’re craving a cool dram. The proprietary gel inside the BPA-free plastic glasses, when frozen, keeps your whiskey cool all night without the risk of dilution. The silicon band acts as insulation and makes the glass more comfortable to hold as you’re enjoying your evening.

Each glass holds 9 oz, so if you’re feeling more like a tall pour or even a cocktail, your Cooler than Cool Chilled Whiskey Glass has you covered. All you need to worry about is which bourbon to fill the glass with.

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