Never Drink Warm Beer With These Chillable Pint Glasses

There are few greater pleasures than cracking open a cold beer on a warm afternoon. We’d argue it’s one of life’s most precious moments. However, one of life’s not-so-precious-moments is when you’re drinking said beer, only for your sip to be a lot warmer than you expected. Nobody likes warm beer on a hot day, and thankfully, there’s a way to make sure you never get close to crossing the point of no return.

These Cooler Than Cool Pint Glasses are the simplest way to keep your favorite brew extra frosty, even on a scorching summer day. The double-wall tumbler contains a proprietary gel that freezes extra cold and stays extra cold while drinking your NEIPA. For additional insulation, the silicone band on the pints keeps your hands from warming up your beer, while also making the glass comfortable to hold.

Best Chilled Pint Glass
These Cooler Than Cool pint glasses ensure your beer doesn’t warm up while sipping outside.

Just a couple of hours in the freezer and the pints are ready to go. You can store one or two in the freezer, so whenever the moment strikes, you have your gateway to a cold brew always on deck. Plus, these pints are made of BPA-free plastic, meaning they are perfect for lounging by the pool, having a picnic in the park, or wherever else a glass vessel could be problematic. However, you can also get a set made of glass if you prefer to keep things extra classy, and they use the same gel to ensure a cold beer every time.

Are you not entirely sold? Beer geeks across the country swear by them. According to one reviewer, “The gel in these glasses lasts through 3 beers. And the band of rubber makes the glass enjoyable to hold and have to freeze your fingers off.” Trust us, your Pilsner will thank you.

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