Everything You Need To Be A Cheeseboard Champion At Home

Remember the first time you saw a perfectly composed cheese board on Instagram? Perhaps your thought was “That brie looks divine” or maybe “Are those flowers edible?”. Or maybe you went straight to “My boards never look like that.”

Don’t feel defeated by someone else’s beautiful cheese board! We at VinePair believe in you! Within you is the makings of a cheese board champion and with a few simple upgrades to your supplies, you’ll be building your own Instagrammable cheese creations in no time.

Best Acacia Cheese Board
This Acacia board is the perfect backdrop for your cheeseboards.

First and foremost, you need the right board. Acacia honey is an elegant accompaniment to any cheese board and this Acacia Wood Cheese Board is an elegant surface on which to plate your creation. The stainless steel accent handles give the board a modern feel and also make your life easier as you’re positioning it in the exact-right light for a perfect photo. You’ll use this timeless piece forever.

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Gold Plated Cheese Knives Set of 3
Gold plated cheese knives add a bright flair to your charcuterie boards.

Next, the right utensils. The Gold Plated Cheese Knife Set is both luxe and efficient. For your hard, aged cheeses like an aged Cheddar or Gruyere, there’s a cleaver for portioning precise spears. For your crumbly cheeses like crystalline aged gouda or a robust blue, there’s a fork-tipped spear knife to break off a bite-sized chunk. For soft cheeses like Brie or Taleggio, there’s a perforated blade to portion a wedge without getting stuck in the glorious ooze.

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What’s a cheese board without perfectly ripe cheese? Cheese is a living thing and can only stay at peak with precise temperature and humidity control. That’s where The Cheese Grotto Piatto comes in, marrying ancient cheese know-how with modern technology to keep cheese fresh. Thanks to humidity control using bamboo construction plus an included clay brick, your back counter just became your personal cheese cave! The Piatto fits 2-3 pieces of cheese, and up to a pound total. Conveniently, that’s about the amount you’d need to make a self-isolation cheese plate, give or take a few leftovers.

Best Cheese Grotto Piatto
The Cheese Grotto Piatto is the perfect introduction to storing cheese like a pro.

If you don’t have cheese to keep ripe at the moment, no problem. The Cheese Grotto’s “flatpack” design makes it easy to tuck it away inside the cabinet when it’s not in use. The magnetic panels are simple and intuitive to put together and take apart—no extra tools or headache required.

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Time to harness the cheeseboard hero within you. Get that phone camera ready.