Get 15% off These Cheese Grottos Today Only

Maybe you’re the cheese obsessive of the group—you bring the most beautiful cheese boards to gatherings, you always have several options in your fridge, and the cheesemongers at your local shop know you by name.

Or, maybe you just wish the Brie, Parmigiano Reggiano, and Manchego lasted longer in your fridge.

No matter how serious your cheese love is, there’s a Cheese Grotto for you. A beautiful marriage of ancient cheese wisdom and scientific knowledge, these keep your unwrapped cheese fresh for up to 3x longer in your refrigerator.

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Best Cheese Grotto Piatto
The Cheese Grotto Piatto is the perfect introduction to storing cheese like a pro.

The delightful thing about eating cheese (and the frustrating thing about storing it) is that cheese is a living thing. When it’s stored in saran wrap, you’re not letting it breathe and the flavor and texture could be compromised, especially with those oozy gooey triple cremes or complex, umami-rich blues. As a cheese is ripening, it’s stored in a cheese cave, which in modern times, isn’t usually a literal cave, but instead a room where the temperature and humidity levels are closely controlled and monitored. Most have wooden shelves for the cheese—in fact, wood has been used for cheese ripening since before the word “cheese” existed.

The Cheese Grotto, crafted from a mix of bamboo and birch, mimics that cave environment to keep your cheese at its peak, allowing you as much time as you need to enjoy it and cutting down on food waste. There are models of varying sizes (including the tiny Piatto, with its “flatpack” design, allowing for easy storage when it’s not in use), each of which fits perfectly in your fridge to keep your cheese in its ideal climate. Each has a plexiglass front panel for easy viewing into your personalized cheese cave. Think of it as a permanent spa retreat for your cheese—it deserves the best and so do you.

Full disclosure, these Cheese Grottos are never discounted. Each Cheese Grotto is made in the USA under extremely strict quality standards, so you can rest easy knowing that it’s the best way to keep your specialty cheese fresh and delicious. There is no better time to treat yourself and your favorite cheese to a Cheese Grotto today!