Contrary to what that one wine snob friend might have you believe, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to selecting glassware for Champagne. Instead, drinkers have a diverse range of options to choose from, each showcasing a different aspect of the famous French bubbles. From flutes that help preserve bubbles, to aroma-enhancing coupes, here’s VinePair’s guide to the best Champagne glasses of 2018.


Best Classic Flute: Spiegelau Champagne Flute (Set of 4)

A must have for all celebrations, these lead-free crystal flutes are a staple that every Champagne lover should own. Simple, elegant, and dishwashers safe, you can’t lose with these lead-free crystal flutes.
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Best Stemless Champagne Flute: Sienna Etched Champagne Glasses (Set of 6)

For those looking to ditch the stem for a more contemporary aesthetic these Etched Stemless Champagne Flutes are the happy medium between absolutely refined (think luxuriously thin) and delightfully casual.
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Best Splurge Flute: Hand-Blown Monaco Flutes (Set of 4)

When popping a baller bottle of vintage bubbly, one needs an appropriately baller set of glasses. Each one of these stemless Hand-blown Monaco Flutes has a unique, textured pattern which is only amplified once you add a gorgeous brut rosé.
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Best Flute For Brunch: Wonderland Rose Crystal Flutes (Set of 2)

We love these Wonderland Crystal Champagne Flutes for their gorgeous, rose crystal construction and refined gold rim. They’re our go-to for brunch with friends and can make a great home for a quick mimosa.
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Best Flute For Sparkling Wine Cocktails: Spiegelau Prosecco Glass (Set of 4)

Whether you’re mixing up a simple Basil Spritz and sage or a classic bellini, these Spiegelau Prosecco Glasses make the perfect home for whatever your mood is.
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Best Everyday Coupe Glass: Spiegelau Crystal Champagne Coupe (Set of 4)

We absolutely love these Spiegelau Crystal Champagne Coupes. Ideal for showcasing the aroma of your bubbly, this classic glassware whisks us away to the roaring 20s, when cocktails and bubbly flowed and anyone who was anyone had one of these glasses in their hands.
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Best Splurge Coupe Glass: 5th Avenue Coupe Glass (Set of 6)

Reserved for the more special occasions than anything else, these 5th Avenue Champagne Coupes are mouth-blown and handmade in Germany. Must have for graduations, holiday celebrations, weddings, and even the casual Friday if you’re feeling fancy.
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Best Champagne Glass For Tastings: Spiegelau Universal Wine Glasses (Set of 4)

Best All Purpose Wine Glasses
Ask the VinePair tasting team their go-to glasses for all wine tastings and you’ll hear the rave reviews of these Spiegelau Universal Wine Glasses. The angle and rim of the glass is specifically designed to enhance and open up the aromas of the wine.
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Best Splurge Champagne Glass: Italesse White Wine Glass (Set of 6)

When we were travelling in Italy, we fell in love with these Italesse White Wine Glasses and haven’t been the same since. Thin and beautiful, yet durable enough for the dishwasher, these lead-free crystal glasses are now our go-to vessels for holding all white wine — especially an amazing Champagne or vintage Cava.
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Best Decorative Champagne Glass: Mid-Century Modern Wine Glass (Set of 4)

When entertaining, we love incorporating more flair into our place settings (everyone needs a little extra spice sometimes).These Mid-Century Modern Wine Glasses are diamond-wheel engraved in the USA, and have a simple and clean design at the base of the bowl which elegantly accentuates the bubbly in your glass.
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Best Novelty Champagne Glass: The Chambong (Set of 2)

There’s a time and place to rapidly drink Champagne and that time is now and the place literally doesn’t matter. With its hand-blown glass construction and elegant gold rim, the Chambong is quite possibly the classiest way to quickly drink Champagne or sparkling wine. We love it for big celebrations with friends, such the holidays or New Years Eve, but have been known to also break them out for bachelorette weekends, birthdays, or even just another casual Friday.
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