Get 25% off These Bourbon Tasting Glasses Today Only

As we move into colder, darker days, there’s really no lovelier nightcap than a glass of bourbon. The vanilla and brown sugar notes, the hint of spice, the silky texture are all exactly what we need at the end of a chilly day. Whether it’s Wild Turkey, Maker’s Mark, Woodford Reserve, Evan Williams, or another fantastic bottle, a glass of bourbon cures all ills.

Today, you can get 25% off the Spiegelau Bourbon Tasting Glass Set when you use the code MAKEITADOUBLE at checkout. This German-crafted glass was specially designed to enhance your whiskey’s flavor and aroma, and you will immediately notice the results.

We tried our favorite bourbon in this glass next to a traditional rocks glass, and from then on have insisted upon drinking our nightly dram out of these. The aromatics are heightened in a way that makes it feel like you must be enjoying some special release, crafted especially for your palate. The tapered top enhances those stunning notes of vanilla and spice for a majorly upgraded bourbon experience.

Best Bourbon Tasting Glasses

Take a quick glance at the reviews, and you’ll see what we mean.

“They really do improve your tasting experience,” says one reviewer, who goes on to say that “I and another use them every night.”

“Beautiful glasses. My husband loves them.”

“Great! Nice appearance, good weight, perfect size. I’ll probably have to buy 4 more.”

One reviewer finds that they’re so useful that it’s hard to save them just for bourbon! They write, “I use these glasses for bourbon, red wine, iced coffee, and pretty much everything else. They are a nice weight and easy to clean. Highly recommend.”

Most importantly, they’re certified dishwasher safe, meaning you can put them with the rest of your dishes at the end of the night with ease.

You won’t find a better bourbon glass. Nab the Spiegelau Bourbon Tasting Glass Set today!