Every Serious Bourbon Drinker Needs A Snifter Glass

We keep a lot of glasses for drinking bourbon around the house. In fact, it would be fair to say we have a problem. But that’s because every whiskey situation requires a different glass! When we have a casual weeknight dram, we like a solid rocks glass. If we’re opening a nicer bottle as a weekend treat, we reach for our Bourbon Tasting Glasses, which can still accommodate an ice cube for a larger, more relaxed dram.

But when we’re critically analyzing a high-end whiskey or bourbon, whether it be a single pour or a flight, there is only one glass we reach for — the Crystal Whiskey Snifter.

Best Crystal Whiskey Snifter Glass
These Crystal Whiskey Snifters are the best way to drink your favorite high-end bourbons and other aged spirits.

Spiegelau (one of the superstars of fine glassware) designed this set of stemware to take your whiskey and bourbon experiences to new heights. Their team created each part of the lead-free crystal glass with the serious whiskey drinker in mind. The long stem keeps your hand from warming up your dram, while the flared bowl opens and concentrates the aromas, so you contemplate the nuances of your favorite pours.

They don’t just sit on the shelf for a rainy day, either. These stems are certified dishwasher safe, meaning after a night of tasting, they can go in with the rest of the dishes from the evening. Plus, these snifters are fantastic for tasting other fine, aged spirits, such as extra añejo tequila or decadent rums.

Test these side-by-side with a standard rocks glass, and you’ll be blown away by how large of a difference these glasses make in enhancing your bourbon drinking experience. In fact, these might become your go-to glasses for every night of the week.