These Bourbon Glasses Are A Must-Have For Whiskey Drinkers

This time of year, we gravitate towards bourbon more than any other spirit. Each sip is like wrapping yourself up in your favorite, cozy blanket. And with all of the amazing craft bourbons out on the shelf these days, there are a lot of cozy sips to be had.

And if you’re like us, you might have unwrapped a few special bottles this month. When it comes to enjoying the rich vanilla, spice, and cherry notes of these bottles, it’s important to use a glass that helps the whiskey shine.

We always have a set of Spiegelau’s Bourbon Tasting Glasses for special moments like these. The glassware experts at Spiegelau designed these fluted glasses to enhance aroma and flavor. A slightly cinched rim sits atop a perfectly rounded bowl, ensuring you don’t miss the nuances of these extra special drams. Taking the time to pour a Bourbon in any old glass versus a single barrel tasting glass is the difference between a good drink and a great drink.

We know this from experience. After many sessions of tasting bourbons side-by-side in a traditional rocks glass versus these, the Spiegelau Bourbon Tasting Glasses elevated even our most basic bottles of bourbon.

Plus, the reviews for these glasses are next-level, with one reviewer saying, “Improved the taste of my bourbon surprisingly well. Can’t wait to share with holiday friends.”

We recommend trying a side-by-side taste test on your own. Trust us, investing in a few single barrel tasting glasses will forever change the way you drink bourbon.