These Bourbon Glasses Are the Best Gift for Whiskey Drinkers

Few spirits can spark debates amongst the VinePair office as whiskey does. With so many different styles and profiles, everybody has a preferred type, producer, and even how it is served. One thing we can all agree on, though, is that we love bourbon.

With the sweet notes of vanilla and spice dancing together with that signature smooth finish, America’s native spirit is a favorite across the country. However, the only way to really experience these delicate aromas properly is to use proper glassware. For the person who knows their Blanton’s from their Evan Williams, having the right glassware isn’t a luxury but necessary in bringing these complex flavors to life.

Best Bourbon Tasting Glasses

That’s why we always have a set of Spiegelau’s Bourbon Tasting Glasses in the glassware cabinet. The artisans at Spiegelau designed these glasses to enhance aroma and flavor. A slightly cinched rim sits atop a perfectly rounded bowl, ensuring you don’t miss a note of your favorite bourbons. Taking the time to pour a Bourbon in any old glass versus a single barrel tasting glass is the difference between a good drink and a great drink.

We’re not just making this stuff up either. After many sessions of tasting bourbons side-by-side in a traditional rocks glass versus these, the Spiegelau Bourbon Tasting Glasses elevated even our most casual bottles of whiskey.

Plus, reviews for these glasses are glowing, with one reviewer saying, “We have bought 3 sets of these two for ourselves and one as a gift for our son. Not only are they beautiful, they are perfect for my bourbon connoisseurs.”

Try a side-by-side taste test on your own. Investing in a few single barrel tasting glasses will forever change the way you drink bourbon.