The Single Best Gift For People Getting Into Bourbon

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again—bourbon may just be America’s most important spirit. It’s delicious at every price point, easy to enjoy regardless of expertise, and offers a diverse range of styles to explore, from 100% corn bourbon to wheated bourbon to straight bourbon. This tasty, timeless spirit is here to stay.

Anyone who’s falling head over heels for this charming, distinctive spirit deserves some eye-catching glassware from which to savor and show it off. Enter the Scotsman Decanter & Glasses Set. It features two stunning 9oz tumblers and a 30 oz decanter, cut from lead-free crystal in an elegant cross-hatch pattern. It will cut a sleek presence on your bar between use and amplify your bourbon experience whenever the decanter and tumblers are in use.

Best Bourbon Gift 2020
This decanter and tumbler set is the perfect gift for those getting into bourbon.

As you’re enjoying a glass of your new favorite bourbon, whether it’s something classic and affordable like Old Grand-Dad, a rare cult classic like Pappy Van Winkle, or a prestigious but more quotidian option like Woodford, this crystal set will be just the thing to enjoy it in style. Buy it for yourself, buy it for friends, buy it for anyone who loves bourbon.

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Bonus Summer Gift Idea: Cooler Than Cool Whiskey Glasses

Best Chilled Whiskey Glass

No one likes picking up their glass of bourbon and realizing that it’s mostly melted ice. Pop these glasses in your freezer and take them out when you’re craving a cool dram. The proprietary gel inside the BPA-free plastic glasses, when frozen, keeps your whiskey cool all night without the risk of dilution. They are a must for bourbon aficionados looking to stave off the summer heat.

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