Buy a Pack of Wine Thermometers, Get One Free Today Only

The first rule of wine drinking, of course, is that you should drink exactly what you like exactly how you like it. Whether you like your whites with an ice cube, your big tannic reds with a chill, or your rosé at room temperature, do what makes you happy.

That said, when you’re enjoying a bottle of something special, sommeliers generally recommend drinking whites a little warmer and reds a little cooler than we usually do. The nuances of a wine’s flavor and aroma really come out at the right temperature, and it’s worth noticing at what temperature you typically drink your wine and then trying it at the recommended temperature.

That’s why we love The Aficionado’s Wine Thermometer. Today only, you can get two 3-packs for the price of one with the code SIXPACKTHERM.

Best Affordable Wine Thermometer
This affordable wine thermometer takes the guesswork out of serving wine at the correct temperature.

Unlike many thermometers, this little guy is mercury-free and doesn’t use a battery. Without having to open the bottle, you can get an accurate temperature reading—it fits around most 750mL bottles, even Champagne. The markings on the outside show the optimal temperature for popular wine varieties, so you don’t have to worry about remembering which temperature your Bordeaux should be served at.

This combination of being easy to use and incredibly helpful has quickly endeared it to reviewers.

James S says, “Best device for assessing a wine’s temperature. Accurate, inexpensive, and easy to use. What more could you ask for?”

Another reviewer says, “Excellent product! It works perfectly!

Bryan K says, “Originally had another electric and more expensive thermometer but had a lot of battery issues. Bought this on an impulse as a cheap replacement to hold us over and we actually like this one better than the old one we wanted to replace.”

There’s no need to bother with any other wine thermometers. This is the best of the bunch. They make fantastic stocking stuffers by themselves or a great gift when paired with a bottle of wine.

Keep one pack for yourself and use the bonus pack as a gift for another lucky wine lover. You won’t regret it!