On the journey of wine, there’s a moment when you realize you’ve crossed the threshold of a casual wino to a total, pairing-obsessed wine geek. Whether you are the one who has gone geeky or you are trying to figure out what to get the wine geek, we’ve gathered our favorite gadgets and gifts for the person who is extra obsessed with their vino.


To experience the nuances of a bottle of wine, it’s extremely important to drink it at the right temperature. There are plenty of wine thermometers on the market, but this thermometer is the most reliable we’ve ever used. It’s not a massive gadget so it doesn’t take up storage space, it doesn’t use batteries so it’s never dead when you need it, and it has reference markers on it showing what temperature the most common varietals should be served at.

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Sure, you can find wine journals in many places. This Expert’s Wine Log, though, has beautiful raw construction, a handcrafted leather cover, and fields to document all the important information, including the label. The perfect gift for those hoping to do a deeper dive into wine, and possibly start a wine career.

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Much like we need a hot coffee to fully be awake, wine needs a steady hit of oxygen to fully release its flavors and aromas. If you’re short on time, this Wine Breather Decanter is the most beautiful and efficient way to present your wine at its peak in under two minutes.

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We discovered these Italesse Red Wine Glasses on a trip to Italy and were immediately smitten. We were even more smitten when we realized how durable—and dishwasher-safe!—they were. We guarantee that you will be just as smitten when you enjoy your favorite red wine from them.

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Life is full of milestones like graduations, weddings, the birth of your first child, and of course sabering a bottle of Champagne. To put it simply, you’re not a wine geek until you saber a bottle of bubbly. This beautiful saber features a polished wood handle, so you can hold it with pride as you pour glasses from your favorite (now sabered) bottle. As Napoleon once said, “Champagne, in victory, one deserves it, in defeat one needs it.” Can’t fight that logic.

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