10 Great Black Friday Weekend Deals For Wine Lovers (2020)

Looking for the perfect gift for your favorite wine-lover? (it’s okay if you are your favorite wine lover!)

Here are some of the best, most useful, and most popular wine gifts, glasses, and gadgets that are at the lowest prices you’ll see all year (up to 40 percent off!). Cheers to wine and to finding the perfect wine gift!

Heavyweight Champagne Stopper – 40% OFF!

Heavyweight champagne stopper for keeping Champagne and Prosecco fresh
Maybe you’ve gone through a few bottles already. Maybe you’re drinking solo and only want a glass or two. Maybe you opened Cava, but what you really wanted was Chianti.

Whatever the reason, leftover bottles of half-full bubbly do happen. We can’t say we often have any leftover wine, but when we do, we don’t sweat it. The heavyweight Champagne stopper, with its stainless-steel construction and inner silicone seal, keeps your bubbly fresh until you’re ready to dip back in. It fits any standard bubbly bottle and is restaurant-grade. Don’t bother with any other Champagne stopper—this is the one that you’ll come back to whenever you’re in need.

Bring Me Wine Socks – 40% OFF!

Best Bring Me Wine Socks
We stan a comfy pair of socks, and the Bring Me Wine Socks are an absolute treat. Not only are they super cozy, but they instruct anyone around you to bring you a glass of wine. They may laugh, but they also will do the bidding of the all-powerful socks! The socks have pages and pages of glowing reviews—people love them both for themselves and as gifts and recommend buying these in bulk. Listen to their good advice and stock up!

The Aficionado’s Wine Thermometer – 40% OFF!

Best Affordable Wine Thermometer
Obviously, you should enjoy your wine exactly as you like it. If that means practically-frozen whites and lukewarm reds, be our guest! But, most somms recommend drinking whites a little warmer and reds a little cooler than most of us tend towards. To ensure your wine is showing its best side, grab The Aficionado’s Wine Thermometer. It takes the temperature of any bottle without having to open the bottle (just attach it to the outside for a moment), and without batteries or mercury. It’s practically magic, and the perfect accessory for any wine lover.

Spiegelau Universal Crystal Wine Glass – 30% OFF!

Best Universal Wine Glasses
Okay, we’ll be honest, we do have a few types of wine glasses around. Sometimes, it’s nice to toast with a Champagne flute or to sip from a gaping, elegant Burgundy glass.

But, 90% of the time, we’re drinking from these Universal Wine Glasses. After extensive testing, we’ve found them to be perfect for red, white, bubbly, rosé, skin contact, or whatever else you’ve got. Plus, they’re elegant but durable, made with lead-free crystal, and dishwasher-safe. It’s hard to beat these glasses, and we know you’ll love them!

Wine Breather Decanter – 20% OFF!

Best Wine Breather Aerating Decanter
We love the elegance and pageantry of decanting a wine before drinking it. It loosens up young wines, wakes up older wines, and makes whatever you’re drinking better.

But, sometimes we don’t have time for hours of decanting. In those cases, the Wine Breather Decanter is an absolute life-saver. It decants your bottle of wine in under two minutes, taming acidity and bitterness, and bringing out the subtler flavors and aromas. Serve directly from the lead-free crystal bottle if you’d like, or pour it back into the original bottle. Honestly, this is the only decanter we use these days! An essential piece for the modern wine lover.

Iceberg Insulated Wine Tumbler – 30% OFF!

Best Insulated Wine Tumbler
As we’ve been staying at home through quarantine, there have been more opportunities for wine. There’s been backyard wine, porch wine, socially distanced park wine, bath wine, and noon wine. As our days become more nebulous and our wine becomes more necessary, we’ve especially relied on the Iceberg Insulated Wine Tumbler. Crafted from sturdy stainless steel, with double-walled insulation, this keeps our wine cold for hours, no matter where we’re enjoying. Plus, it comes in black, white, coral, pink, and ruby—one color for every day of the workweek!

The World’s Most Popular Grapes Poster – 20% OFF!

Looking to add a little more wine-themed décor to your home? The World’s Most Popular Grapes Poster will be just the thing. Printed with giclée printing quality (i.e. real-deal art printing!) with a sleek matte finish, this map/poster illustrates the origins of the world’s 14 most common grapes in easy-to-read, easy-to-remember fashion. Since this poster started gracing the wall above our bar cart, we’ve done better in trivia night and remembered regions much more easily. Any wine lover who loves to learn needs this poster!

Cooler than Cool Chilled Wine Glass (Set of 2) – 30% OFF!

Best Chilled Wine Glasses
The Cooler Than Cool line is insanely popular, and it’s not hard to see why. When frozen (in fact, after only two hours in the freezer), the proprietary gel inside the walls of the glass keep your beverage properly frosty for as long as you’re enjoying. The silicone band around the outside makes for comfortable holding and acts as further insulation. This set of 2 BPA-free plastic glasses is perfect for any wine you’re enjoying (hint: try it with reds too, to ensure they stay at cellar temp) and even comes in several colors.

Filter Wine Pour Spout – 30% OFF!

Best Way To Filter A Broken Wine Cork
We’ve all experienced it. You’re opening a bottle of wine that you can’t wait to drink. Maybe it’s an old bottle, maybe not. The cork starts to crumble. You try to save it, but it’s no use—there are cork bits in your wine. A coffee filter can be a solution, but we’ve got a better one.

Meet the Filter Wine Pour Spout. Just insert this into the bottle and enjoy your wine as it was meant to be drunk. It’s drip-free, leak-proof, and made of durable stainless steel. Just throw it in the dishwasher when you’re done! It truly could not be easier.

My Wine Drinking T-Shirt – 20% OFF!

Best This Is My Wine Drinking Shirt
Looking for a super soft shirt that pairs perfectly with that glass of wine you’re going to drink? Look no further than this tee, ranging from S to 3XL. It reads “This is My Wine Drinking Shirt” and we find that it not only ensures you a refill, but sometimes inspires those around you to open a bottle of wine to get the party started. What could be better?