10 Great Black Friday Weekend Deals For Whiskey Lovers (2020)

At the end of a long day, there’s nothing like a glass of Lagavulin, Johnny Walker, or Blanton’s to finish things off on a high note. If you prefer a dram of fantastic whiskey, Scotch, or bourbon (same!), this is the gear that you should be buying for yourself and your fellow whiskey lovers, all marked down for our Black Friday sale.

Cooler than Cool Chilled Smoked Whiskey Glass (Set of 2) – 30% OFF!

Best Chilled Whiskey Glass
If you like cold whiskey, the Cooler Than Cool Chilled Smoked Whiskey Glass set may be kind of life-changing. No more do you have to race to drink your spirit before the ice overdilutes it—simply pop these glasses in the freezer at least two hours before you’re drinking (we always have a couple in the freezer just in case!). The proprietary cooling gel inside the BPA-free glass will get properly frosty so your drink stays cold all night. You can still add water if you’d like, but you get to control the ratio. Just grab hold of that comfy silicone band, which further insulates your glass, and sip away!

The Houses of Bourbon Poster – 15% OFF!

Best Bourbon Poster
If you’re a bourbon fan, meet your new bar cart art. Printed on museum-quality paper with a sleek matte finish, this Houses of Bourbon poster helps you keep straight your Four Roses from your Buffalo Trace from your Old Crow. Though each label is distinctive, Beam Suntory owns 9 brands on the list and Campari owns more than a dozen. This is indispensable information for the bourbon geek, presented in a clear, eye-catching way.

Spiegelau Bourbon Tasting Glass (Set of 4) – 30% OFF!

Whiskey is wonderful, but bourbon is something special. For the bourbon lover, meet the Spiegelau Bourbon Tasting Glass set. Those irresistible notes of brown sugar, vanilla, and baking spice all become clearer and purer in these glasses designed specifically for bourbon. They’re dishwasher safe and will noticeably improve your drinking experience—what’s not to love?

Etched Glass Globe Whisky Decanter and Glasses Set – 20% OFF!

Best Globe Decanter Set
For the spirits lover who has it all, here is a decanter and glasses set to seriously up your presentation. Whereas wine decanters, of course, drastically improve the flavors and textures in wine, a decanter mostly just adds panache. This lead-free borosilicate glass set, etched with the map of the globe, adds some serious panache. The removable decanter spins, just like the quintessential globe, and is perfect for your office, library, or bar cart. The beautiful cork and glass stopper is included and ready to protect whichever spirit you can’t wait to show off.

Barrel-less Oak Aging Kit – 30% OFF!

Best Whiskey Aging Kit At Home
Step up your liquor game with this oak aging kit that doesn’t need a barrel to provide the color, flavor, and aroma that will transform young liquors into fine spirits. Simple and efficient, once the charred oak stick has been inserted into that bottle of un-aged whiskey or blanco tequila on your shelf, the flavor change will be noticeable in just one day and can continue aging for up to six weeks.

The Speakeasy Rocks Glass (Set of 4) – 20% OFF!

Best Whiskey Speakeasy Rocks Glasses
Meet the rocks glass of our dreams. Crafted in Germany and diamond wheel cut and polished in Western Pennsylvania, these beautiful art deco inspired glasses will make you feel like you’re grabbing post-work drinks with Don Draper. Bonus: they’re dishwasher safe! Your scotch has never looked sexier.

Whiskey Helps T-Shirt – 20% OFF!

Best Whiskey Helps T-Shirt
Having a rough day? Whiskey helps. Remind yourself and others with this lightweight, super-soft t-shirt that comes in white and gray from sizes XS to 4XL. Bonus: it pairs perfectly with a dram!

Spiegelau Crystal Whiskey Snifters (Set of 4) – 30% OFF!

Best Crystal Whiskey Snifter Glass
As you likely know, most of what we think of as flavor is actually aroma. Most of what we love about our favorite Scotch, Japanese whisky, bourbon, and rye is actually those beautiful aromatics. That’s why we’re obsessed with the Spiegelau Crystal Whiskey Snifters. The elegant long stem keeps your spirit safe from your almost-90-degree-hands warming it up, the roomy bulb allows for the drink to breathe, and the narrowing neck concentrates the aromas and pushes them right up to you as you’re enjoying. Trust us, whatever you’re drinking will be better in these. They’re dishwasher safe too!

Cooler than Cool Glacier Whiskey Glass (Set of 2) – 30% OFF!

Best Glass Chilled Whiskey Glasses
Meet our Cooler than Cool glasses, Glacier style. It’s the same quick-chilling technology that you’ve come to know and love with our Cooler Than Cool line, but now with gorgeous glass construction. Pop these in the freezer when you think of it and, thanks to that proprietary gel and the insulating silicone band, your drink will be perfectly chilled all night long.

Crystal Scotch Glass (Set of 2) – 30% OFF!

Best scotch tasting glasses
For a supremely elegant Scotch experience, meet the Crystal Scotch Glass. This set of two is crafted from lead-free crystal in an eye-catching geometric shape that also happens to enhance the aroma of anything that’s inside. Whatever you’re hoping to savor goes beautifully in here—we also love them for mezcal or aged rum.