If it came down to it, we’d give everything up for cheese. Do you have a “friend” who is in love with cheese? We’ve pulled some basic essentials (at the best prices!) for those looking to take it to the next level.

The Best Go-To Cheese Knives – $31.50 (ORIGINALLY $45)

The Best Go-To Cheese Knives
Laguiole makes some of the finest knives in the world, and these cheese knives are no exception. This set includes a cleaver for those extra hard cheeses, a spreader for ridiculously creamy brie, and a spear-tip knife that can create oh-so-gorgeous shards of parmesan and easily serve to your guests.

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The Best Modern Acacia Wood Cheese Board – $25.20 (ORIGINALLY $36)

The Best Modern Acacia Wood Cheese Board
When whipping up a quick snack for aperitivo hour we break out this acacia wood cheese board. The simple construction is actually visually complex through the acacia’s beautiful grain, which is then elevated by the stainless steel handles. It’s the perfect modern touch for a late-night cheese course.

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The Best Tapas Serveware – FROM $38.40 (ORIGINALLY $100)

The Best Tapas Serveware
When going for a huge, dare we say grazeboard spread, you’ll want multiple dishes, trays, and bowls to showcase your mountains of jamón, ocean of marinated olives, and as much manchego as the eye can see. This collection of hand painted serveware is up to the task with specialty plates and bowls for the most delectable displays.

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The Best Way To Keep Cheese Fresh – $240 (ORIGINALLY $300)

The Best Way To Keep Cheese Fresh
When our CEO started using the Cheese Grotto, he soon realized that his life would never be the same. Drawing from both ancient cheese wisdom and contemporary technology, the Cheese Grotto allows you to create an optimal cheese storage climate right in your own kitchen. When storing unwrapped cheeses in the refrigerated Cheese Grotto Fresco, they stay fresh up to three times as long as stored regularly. This not only cuts down on food waste, but ensures your favorite triple crème will be fresh for weeks to come.

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The Best Way To Keep Cheese Fresh (On A Budget) – $72 (ORIGINALLY $90)

Best Affordable Cheese Grotto
We love the Cheese Grotto line but understand that’s it’s a steep step for those just looking to upgrade their usual grocery store find to cheesemonger gem. That’s where the Cheese Grotto Piatto comes in. This model doesn’t have as many bells and whistles but utilizes the same cheese-cave-inspired tech to keep your cheese fresher than ever and has what some call a more comfortable entry price point. Most importantly, this model breaks down when not in use with its magnetic construction, making it perfect for those of us with teeny-tiny kitchens.

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