Through the years we’ve searched far and wide for bar equipment that will simply, and seriously, bring anyone’s at-home cocktail game to the next level, whether you’re a professional mixologist or just someone who enjoys a nice martini at the end of the day. Here are some of the best pieces that we’ve found.


Best Gin and Tonic Glass

Outside of the U.S. the gin and tonic is more than a standard drink. It’s a classic cocktail that has endless possibilities and crafting one is a refined art. These luxuriously thin, crystal goblets were designed to bring the aromatics of your G&T to life. Trust us, you’ll never use a boring highball again.

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Heavyweight Gunmetal Cocktail Shaker

Inspired by flair bartenders who needed heavier shakers to perform their routines, this heavyweight shaker is one of our favorite cobbler shakers. The durable, heavier design gives you more control for shaking the hell out of your cocktails. Plus, it’s easier to hold in one hand and mutes the sound of the ice. “Shaken, not stirred” has never been so simple!

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Sparkling Diamond Highball Glasses

Everyone needs a good set of highball glasses as they’re the most common cocktails you’ll be making at home. This stunning, art deco-inspired set of Sparkling Diamond Highball Glasses is just the thing to give your cocktails a bit more flair. Made of imported German glass, which was manufactured, polished and cut in Pennsylvania, these dishwasher safe beauties will class up anything you serve in them.

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We love bringing products into our home bar that visually pleasing and functional. These towels are sleek and feature martini, Bloody Mary, and old fashioned recipes, making them perfect for your bar, or anywhere that needs a bit of booze-inspired adornment. Bonus: if you’re supposed to be making one of these and your mind goes blank, just pick up your towel and you’re in business again!

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Tiki Cocktail Pick (set of 4)

Fact: it’s not a tiki cocktail without an insane garnish. These delightful and practical Tiki Cocktail Picks are inspired by Tiki torches, reimagined to be a fun and practical way to garnish your Tiki cocktail with some serious tropical deliciousness. We love that they’re copper-plated, and love even more how perfect they look in a Painkiller, with pineapple spear and an orchid.

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