The Best Glassware Set For Someone Getting Into Wine

We’re usually happy to guzzle wine out of mugs or mason jars, but when it comes to nicer bottles, we always reach for proper glassware. Too often written off as snobby or stuffy, proper glassware elevates just about any wine, both by elegantly presenting it and because it’s crafted to enhance the flavors and aromas.

Anyone getting into wine should have a great glassware set. This includes at least two, quality crystal stems and one decanter for those special bottles that need a little room to breathe. Hunting for a solid set that goes together and is also functional can be frustrating, which is why we love the Angled Crystal Decanter and Stemware Set, inspired by centuries of Venetian glassmaking tradition. The precise angles of the two glasses and decanter make this a stunning piece for your bar, even when it’s not in use, and invites the light to hit the wine just right.

Best Wine Decanter and Glassware Set
This wine decanter and glassware set is perfect for anyone just getting into wine.

Whether you’re sipping on vintage Champagne, Mosel Riesling, or a Bordeaux from the cellar, this glassware set will exponentially increase your wine enjoyment. It makes a thoughtful gift, but make sure to grab one for yourself as well.

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