Why Every Beer Lover Needs To Start A Beer Tasting Journal

Maybe you’re already a beer expert, able to rattle off hop varietals and the difference between ale yeasts and lager yeasts at the drop of a coaster. Or maybe you just know you enjoy a good beer, still trying to keep the differences between IPAs, stouts, and pilsners straight in your head.

Wherever you are in your beer-loving journey, you’ll love this Expert’s Leather Beer Log, a favorite of our beer expert and Associate Editor Cat Wolinski.

Best Beer Tasting Journal
This beer tasting journal features custom fields on each page, making sure you capture the details of each brew.

The first thing you’ll notice is the handmade leather cover with its buckle closure, crafted from top-grain cowhide. Open it up and you’ll find 192 beer log pages, with all the prompts you need to chronicle your beer adventures, including more technical (and easy to overlook) details such as the beer’s production date and how it was served. Each journal is made to order and will make a lovely addition to your bar or bookcase.

It’s easy to assume you’ll remember the details of a great (or terrible) beer experience, but we all know that one beer can turn into four and the specificities can fade. Preserve those tasting notes and memories for the future with this beer journal.

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