Every Beer Nerd Needs A Set of Proper Tulip Glasses

Maybe you’re an extreme beer geek, able to blind-taste any brew and know which hop varietals were used. Maybe you’re a burgeoning beer nerd, going deeper into the wide world of craft IPAs with abandon while slowly perfecting your at-home brews. Or maybe you just know which beers you like and where to get them.

Wherever you are on the beer nerdery spectrum, you need this set of Spiegelau Universal Tulip Beer Glasses.

Best Beer Tulip Glasses

The glass, as one reviewer says, “allows the beer to be at its best,” no matter what you’re drinking. That’s because these glasses were designed by a panel of master brewers to enhance the distinctive aroma and flavor of anything you put in it. Whether it’s a dank IPA that you rustled up in Vermont, a Belgian tripel that your buddy smuggled back for you, or something special you brewed in the comfort of your own home, the Spiegelau Universal Tulip Beer Glass will ensure that your experience is perfectly tuned in.

These German-crafted glasses are dishwasher safe, made with lead-free crystal, and add a “Yes, I am a beer expert, thank you very much” vibe to your bar without you even having to say anything. They’re sturdy without being heavy, precise without being fussy, and a pleasure to drink from. Good beer becomes better and great beer is given its time to shine. They make a great gift, but make sure to grab a set for yourself too or risk some serious hophead FOMO.

Your expertly-crafted beer deserves an expertly-crafted glass, and these tulip glasses are it.

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