Get 20% off These Craft Beer Glasses Today Only

Hey, hopheads, it’s time you upgrade your beer glassware from the traditional pint glass. Certain styles require certain precision vessels so you can fully experience the greatness of your favorite brews. And today only, you can get this entire fleet of craft beer glassware for 20% off with code HOPPY20!

It can be tricky to find glassware producers that offer consistent quality at a reasonable price point, but every single one of these Spiegelau beer glasses is all of the above. They’ve been premium glassmakers since the 16th century, including for the old royal courts of Europe, so it makes sense that they’ve nailed it at this point.

But they didn’t just trust their gut when making these glasses. Spiegelau phoned in the pros from world-famous craft breweries to create the perfect glasses for your favorite IPAs, stouts, and even barrel-aged beer.

There’s really not a dud glass in the bunch, but if you’re just getting started, we recommend these sets first.

Spiegelau Universal Tulip Beer Glass (Set of 4)

Best Beer Tulip Glasses
This Spiegelau Universal Tulip Beer Glass, which comes in a set of four. Even at full price, this deal is pretty incredible—you’re essentially buying each glass for the same amount that you’d pay for a pour of extra-special beer at a taproom. And, frankly, these glasses are pretty special themselves. They were designed by a panel of master brewers to enhance the flavor and aroma of literally any beer you pour in. They’re crafted from non-leaded crystal (and bonus: are dishwasher-safe!) and are perfect for the beer lover who enjoys it all. Pour in your lagers, IPAs, stouts, tripels, and porters and be ready to be blown away.

Spiegelau Craft Beer Basics Tasting Kit (Set of 3)

why the shape of your beer glass matters
If you’re looking to customize your glass to your brew a bit more, look no further than the lead-free crystal Spiegelau Craft Beer Basics Tasting Kit. Also designed by master brewers, this comes with an IPA glass, a Stout glass, and an American Wheat glass.

With the IPA glass, you’ll get a wave of those aromatic hops that we all love in those juicy, dank IPAs that are sweeping the country. With the Stout glass, those chocolatey, roasted barley notes get their time to shine. And, the American Wheat glass will push those malty flavors to the forefront. Each glass is distinctive, looks great on your bar when it’s not in use, and is dishwasher-safe. The perfect gift for both new beer lovers and craft beer pros.