5 of Our Labor Day Picks For People Who Love Beer

Hop heads, listen up. Even if you’re a minimalist, you likely know that well-designed gear can maximize your beer enjoyment. Here are the best beer accessories we’ve got, all at a special Labor Day price. Use code LABORDAY15 at checkout to receive 15 percent off.

Spiegelau Universal Tulip Beer Glass

A panel of master brewers convened to design their ideal beer glass, one that would show off the flavors and aromas of their favorite beers. The Spiegelau Universal Tulip Beer Glass is what they came up with, and it deserves a place on your bar. Whether you’re drinking a hazy IPA, a refreshing pilsner, or a stout with gravitas, this lead-free crystal glass will majorly upgrade your drinking experience. Plus, the glasses are certified dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

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Beer Types of The World Poster

Best Beer Style Infographic Poster
The styles and types of beer can be a complicated beast, that’s why every beer nerd needs this Beer Types of The World poster. printed at dazzling Giclée quality, is the perfect décor for the beer lover. Not only does it break down the styles and origins of beer styles in an easy-to-understand way, but it’s also just a great piece for your wall—a stunning matte poster on museum-quality paper.

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Iceberg Insulated Can & Bottle Cooler

Best Beer Bottle Insulated Koozie
Koozies are for college kids. The rest of us need something a little more effective for our hard-won microbrews.

So, meet the Iceberg Insulated Can & Bottle Cooler, with double-wall, vacuumed insulation to keep your drink chilly until you’re finished. Just pop in your standard aluminum can or glass beer bottle, and keep sipping on your perfectly frosty beer.

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Stainless Steel Credit Card Bottle Opener

We’ve all been there—you rustled up a beer and are ready to enjoy it. You reach around for your bottle opener. Somehow, it’s nowhere to be found. Desperation strikes. You pull out a spoon, a fork, a butter knife, hoping to do one of those cool opening tricks you’ve seen on the internet. Nothing’s working.

Stop that disaster in its tracks with the Stainless Steel Credit Card Bottle Opener. Cleverly designed to slip into any standard-size wallet, this sturdy but sleek little contraption will have your back whenever you’re hoping to crack a cold one.

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Cooler than Cool Glacier Beer Glass

Best Freeze Beer Pint Glass
Good news: with the Cooler than Cool Glacier Beer Glass, warm beer is officially uninvited to your future. Just pop the glasses into the freezer so they’re ready whenever you are. The proprietary gel inside the glass keeps your pint frosty, no matter how hot it is outside. The silicone band around the bottom helps keep the contents of the glass cold but also makes a comfortable spot to hold. Just fill it up and start sipping!

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