These Are The Best Glasses For Spritz Cocktails

There’s some controversy over spritzes these days and we would like to solidly place ourselves on team spritz. Aperol, Campari, small-batch amari, doesn’t matter. We are pro-spritz, now and forever.

With summer quickly approaching, it’s spritz season more than ever. If we’re all still home-bound by that point, we’ll need to be prepared for at-home spritzing. That’s why we always keep a set of lead-free Crystal Spritz Glasses on our bar. The stem is long and elegant and the bowl is wide enough to accommodate the hefty dose of ice that you’ll find in a proper spritz.

These are the best glasses for all spritz cocktails.
Take your Aperol Spritz to the next level with these crystal spritz glasses.

You may not be able to travel in-person to Lake Como for now, but sipping a freshly made cocktail from these striking glasses will make it much easier to imagine that you’re there. Saluti a tutti!

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