Why Every Wine Lover Needs A Wine Thermometer

According to VinePair Tastings Editor, Keith Beavers, “a wine at the correct temperature is a direct reflection of what the winemaker wants you to experience. It is at these perfect temperatures that all of the aromas and the structure the winemaker was trying to achieve are in harmony. When you serve a wine too warm or too cold you are not getting the full experience.”

When white, rosé, and red wines are served too cold or too warm, the flavors and aromas are completely masked, sure it’s still wine, but it’s uninteresting wine. Temperature makes a big difference in both your $9.99 bottle of Pinot Grigio you picked up at the grocery store and the $30+ bottle of Cabernet you received as a gift.

Ideally sparkling wines should be served at a temperature of between forty and fifty degrees. This could temperature keeps the bubbles fine, rather than foamy. White wines and rose should be served at between fifty and sixty degrees, and red should be served at a cool 60-70 degrees. But don’t worry, you don’t need a temperature gauge be measure the exact degree of the liquid or a fancy wine fridge that holds your bottles at the right temp, you just need this wine thermometer.

Best Affordable Wine Thermometer
This affordable wine thermometer takes the guesswork out of serving wine at the correct temperature.

Designed with an easy to read gauge that instantly shows you the bottle’s temperature and has a guide printed on the thermometer itself so you’re never asking yourself “how cold is red wine supposed to be again?” This thermometer ensures you’ll always get the most out of every single bottle of wine. Even better, this thermometer doesn’t use mercury or a require a power source, meaning you don’t have to worry about pulling it out of the cabinet and it needing a new battery. For this reason alone it’s the VinePair tasting team’s go-to thermometer, and trust us, we’ve tested several.

With this thermometer, wine will always be at the correct temperature when you serve it, and you’ll never miss out on getting the full experience of the liquid inside that bottle.

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