This Cooler Keeps Your Wine Chilled With Zero Mess

Ice buckets are a great idea in theory. They’ll chill any bottle of wine you’re looking to drink, and quickly. So, why do you need another option?

Well, we don’t all have massive amounts of ice hanging around. And, while the ice bucket method is quick and easy, it’s not all that elegant—you’re likely to drip on people, their glasses, or the food when you go in for a refill of Chardonnay. It’s a little messy if we’re being honest.

Save the ice for aperitivo hour with the Active Wine Cooler. Coming in classic stainless steel or matte black, this sleek piece’s secret weapon is a removable cooling element. Just pop the cooling element in the freezer for a few hours when you think of it, so the proprietary gel inside gets nice and frosty.

Best Active Wine Cooler

Then, the next time you’d like to enjoy a nice cool glass of something that hasn’t yet been refrigerated, retrieve the cooling pack from the freezer and put your wine inside. Your bottle will quickly get to your preferred level of coldness and stay there, thanks to the cooling pack’s snug hold on the bottle. The additional casing from the cooler itself looks beautiful on your table and acts as insulation in between pours.

With the Active Wine Cooler, you’re prepared for any bottle chilling emergency that comes up. Grab one for yourself and one for a wine-loving friend!