These Whiskey Glasses Are A Must Have For American History Buffs

Madeira may have been the wine of choice back in the day of the founding fathers, but no spirit is as presidentially rooted as American whiskey. Many of the founding fathers were known to enjoy a dram of it and George Washington even used to distill his own whiskey back in the day!

As the years have gone on, bourbon has only grown within Americana, with congress passing legislation in 1964 declaring it “America’s Native Spirit.” And for all of the history buffs out there that love to enjoy a nightcap, these glasses are the only way to do it.

Hero/rebel whiskey glasses
This set of four glasses are sand-etched and manufactured in the USA.

Made in partnership with the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, each of these Hero/Rebel double rocks glasses represents an iconic figure from the American Revolution through its deep, sand-etched design. On the glasses you’ll find the Hero (George Washington), the Rebel (Thomas Jefferson), the Philosopher (Benjamin Franklin), and the Diplomat (John Adams). We use them all of the time for enjoying an after-dinner sipper or for whipping up a batch of Old Fashioned cocktails.

We love these glasses as the heavy, glass construction feels luxurious and they’re dishwasher safe, making clean-up truly effortless. But above all, we love that they’re manufactured and sand-etched in the USA, making them the perfect gift for history and whiskey lovers alike.

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