8 Wine Accessories Every True Wine Lover Should Own

If you’re like us your worst nightmare is being stuck on a deserted island with a bottle of wine and no corkscrew. While you could probably MacGyver your way to relief with a stray coconut or seashell shard, the moral of the story is that when it comes to wine it pays to be prepared by having the right accessories on-hand.

Double hinged sommelier corkscrew with rosewood handle

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It’s time to rid your junk drawer Marie Kondo style of those free branded corkscrews and invest in something a little more design-forward, like this double-hinged corkscrew with rosewood handle. It gets the job done seamlessly yet in style every time.

Copper plated wine charms

Keep an eye on your glass of Cab Sav with this handy set of six copper counting wine charms, which literally only require you to remember one number. If that’s too much to handle, it might be time to switch to water.

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Handmade ceramic wine bottle coaster

No matter how hard you try, the inevitable wine drip is here to ruin the party (well, or your tablecloth). An easy fix is getting a ceramic wine bottle coaster. These handmade bottle coasters coaster are 4” diameter, come in multiple colors, and can accommodate everything from a Bordeaux to a bottle of bubbly.

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Tote bag with "Champagne Please" graphic

Nothing says “adulting” like graduating from showing up to a party with your liquid contribution in a black plastic bag from the liquor store to something a little more polished, and we’re partial to this Champagne Please denim cotton tote bag. It can hold all the aforementioned accessories, while keeping your bottle of Krug safe and sound.

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Wine breather aerating decanter

Rather than insult that nice bottle of wine you’ve opened by pouring straight from bottle to glass, send it through this wine breather decanter. It takes less than two minutes for this decanter to work its magic, evaporating acidity and bitterness and allowing taste and aroma to fully develop. It looks good on your table, to boot.

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The expert wine log journal

With so many great wines out there, it can be hard to keep them straight. That’s why writing down the name of the Burgundy you fell in love with on vacation in ‘05 is crucial. This expert’s leather wine log is handmade and comes in burgundy, buckskin, dark brown, saddle and charcoal. You’ll have 96 pre-printed pages in which to capture your best (and worst) wine moments.

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This is my wine drinking t-shirt for wine lovers

Just as athletes need uniforms, wine connoisseurs need this “My Wine Drinking” t-shirt. Available in sizes S-3XL, this super-soft, unisex baby-knit top lets everyone know which sport in life matters most: wine.

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Champagne emoji sweater

Sometimes it’s just easier to say it with an emoji. And this Champagne emoji sweatshirt pretty much says it all. Available in white, black, Irish green, maroon and red from sizes S to 5XL, this warm and cozy sweatshirt has a classic fit that’s made with air-jet spun yarn. 👍🍾🥂

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