5 Shirts For People Who Love Whiskey

So, you’re a whisk(e)y drinker. Whether it’s a cult-classic bourbon, a peaty Scotch, or a hard-to-find Japanese whisky, you love a dram of the good stuff.

You can’t talk about whiskey all the time (or so they tell you), but you can make sure that everyone nearby knows your preferences without you even having to open your mouth. Here are the best shirts for people who love whiskey. Bonus: they’re comfy and size-inclusive, most of them ranging from XS to 4XL.

The Four Horsemen T-Shirt

Best Four Horsemen Shot T-Shirt
If you’re a fan of shots, you likely already know about The Four Horsemen shot, traditionally comprised of Tennessee whiskey, bourbon, Scotch, and Irish whiskey. This Four Horsemen t-shirt, crafted from 100% combed and ring-spun cotton, alludes to that shot with the names of each of the whiskeys traditionally used—Jack & Jim & Johnnie & Jameson. Even if you’re not a regular taker of that massive shot—or maybe haven’t even done one before—the whiskey lovers around you will notice and know (or assume optimistically) that you can really hold your liquor.

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Team Whiskey T-Shirt

2020 was a year of political strife, but if there’s one thing that can bring us all together, we firmly believe that thing is whiskey. Let the world know that you’re whose side you’re on with this 100% combed and ring-spun cotton Team Whiskey T-Shirt.

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Name A Better Duo (Pickleback) T-Shirt

Best Pickleback T-Shirt
As far as we’re concerned, picklebacks never get old. While they probably shouldn’t be taken every day, you can wear this shirt celebrating them every day (or at least pretty often). The Name A Better Duo (Pickleback) T-Shirt features an illustration of a bottle of whiskey and a jar of pickles—a pairing for the ages. Bottoms up!

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Whiskey Helps T-Shirt

Best Whiskey Helps T-Shirt
It’s been a rough year, and you know what helps? Whiskey. Whiskey helps. Keep a positive attitude with this “Whiskey Helps” shirt. It’s soft, lightweight, and is the perfect shirt to wear while pouring yourself a dram.

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The Other Four Horsemen T-Shirt

Best Other Four Horsemen T-Shirt
The Other Four Horsemen T-Shirt is a riff on the other classic shot—when you’re feeling a little extra, Jose Cuervo can be subbed into the Four Horsemen shot. If you’re a whiskey lover who likes to mess around with tequila once in a while, this is the shirt for you. It says “Jack & Jim & Johnnie & Jose” and is both a great way to get some street cred and a great way for everyone to know what your order is without having to say anything.

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