5 Hats for Wine Drinkers Only

Bucket hats came and went, but baseball caps are here to stay. Hats today are an easy way to show off what you love — no matter the season. Slightly sporty, and completely on point, these options are sure to impress any wine lover.

Plus, each hat is completely adjustable, available in several colors, and made with 100 percent chino cotton twill. This means you can easily adjust any of these hats to your head shape and rely on them to last for the long haul. So the next time you’re running out for a coffee — or enjoying a glass of your favorite wine outside — you’ll be all the more prepared.

Look Swirl Sniff Sip Baseball Hat

This hat is a pro move, and the easiest way to let everyone know you know what you’re doing — without saying a word. Slip it on and go ahead, ask for the bottle list. Pull the adjustable strap to find the right fit and then pay your local wine shop a visit. When they ask you what kind of wine you’re looking for you’ll have permission to finally inquire about that Falanghina, Barolo, or straight up Grand Cru.

Bubbly Baseball Hat

Whether you’re sipping a spritz or opening Champagne with a saber, why not do it in style? Pop this on and celebrate your favorite sparkling wine in a mimosa or clear, crystal flute. Wear it on your walk to the park and you just might find yourself inspired to buy something a little “bubblier” for your picnic.

Wine Glass Emoji Baseball Hat

The classic, the standard, the hands down coolest wine hat out there. This simple design needs no explanation, and will keep your bartender from pouring you a boiler maker with well vodka. Instead, the next time you’re out and about you may just find your server going into a little extra detail about today’s wine.

Champagne Cheers Emoji Hat

Meet the official Champagne drinking hat. No need to wait for the holidays, because your brunch squad will simply lose it when you show up in this. Take a cue from paparazzi-ducking celebrities, and discover the bliss of wearing a baseball cap in a nice restaurant.

Rose Baseball Hat

You’ve heard the saying “Rosé all day,” but if you’re looking to live it, you’re going to need to slather on some SPF. Protect your face and show off your know-how in this comfy hat, while serving looks. Available in five different colors, this hat is endlessly customizable, and the ultimate way to live, laugh, love.