5 of Our Favorite Beer Drinking Essentials For Fall (2020)

Fall is finally here, and as we settle in for autumn with more social distancing and pandemic safety measures, it’s important to keep some gear around for beer o’clock. After a lot of testing, we’ve found the glassware, accessories, and gifts we can’t enjoy the fall season without. Here are the absolute essentials every beer nerd should keep on hand.

Spiegelau Universal Tulip Beer Glass (Set of 4)

Best Beer Tulip Glasses
We’re obsessed with this Spiegelau Universal Tulip Beer Glass set. Why? Because no matter what we drink from it, it enhances the flavor and aroma. It makes good beer great and great beer life-changing.

That’s because this set was designed by a panel of master brewers to accentuate whatever’s inside the glass, whether it’s a dank IPA, a toasty porter, or a crisp lager. Especially if you’re a fan of a few styles of beers and enjoy special seasonal releases, these glasses will be just the thing to ensure that whatever you’re drinking is exactly right.

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Stainless Steel Credit Card Bottle Opener

Best Credit Card Beer Opener
There’s nothing worse than missing a beer-cracking opportunity because you simply have nothing to crack said beer with.

Good news: that never has to happen again with the Stainless Steel Credit Card Bottle Opener. It can be easily stashed away in your wallet until the time is right, then pulled out in a flash. It’s made of sturdy stainless steel, and you can even get the glitzier option that looks like it’s made of marble. With many still working from home and schedules, in general, being a bit askew, you never know when it will be time to open a beer, but you can know that you have one of these in your wallet to pop the bottle when the time is right successfully.

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The Expert’s Leather Beer Log

VinePair Associate Editor and beer expert Cat Wolinski has tested many a beer log and this Expert’s Beer Log is her favorite. Why? First of all, it’s stunning, hand-crafted from top-grain cowhide in a range of colors. Plus, it prompts you with all the important details, including more technical ones, such as how the beer was served and the production date. It’s refillable and comes with 192 pages to start, meaning you can chronicle many a beer experience in there. You’ll have all your favorites filed away, as well as any you never hope to experience again!

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The Beer Types of the World Poster

Best Beer Style Infographic Poster
Getting into the nitty-gritty of beer styles can be complicated. That’s why we love The Beer Types of the World Poster, printed in gliclée (real-deal art) quality on matte, museum-quality poster paper. It lays out each family in an easy-to-follow design, making it possible to see what constitutes an ale versus a lager versus a Saison. Keep your styles straight and keep your wall eye-catching with this one.

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Cooler than Cool Chilled Tumbler (Set of 2)

Best Freezer Tumbler
Warm beer is a bummer. That’s why you’ll never catch us without a Cooler than Cool Tumbler in the freezer. We pop them in there so they’re always ready, then take them out when we’re ready for a cold brewski. Then, the proprietary gel inside the cup works its magic, keeping whatever precious contents are inside nice and frosty for as long as we’re sipping. The silicone band keeps things insulated but also makes for easy gripping. Each can be quickly hand-washed after use, and since they’re plastic, you don’t need to worry about broken glass when bringing it outside. They’re perfect for porch drinking, picnics, and whenever you want to ensure that your beer stays at the perfect temperature.

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